Hillary Clinton Reminds Us That She’s America’s Worst Drunk and a Psychopath


Happy Wednesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Kendra suffered from recurring dreams in which Wayne Newton impersonators captivated her using a Speedo and a few Shake Weights.

It’s happening again. In July 2020, I wrote a VIP column entitled “Hillary Clinton is the Herpes in American Politics”. Here’s a short excerpt.

Hillary was dispatched by Donald Trump via the brilliance and power of the United States Constitution, and then she has a tendency to go underground for months, then she will spit on any media outlet for several weeks.

Granny Maojackets, the execrable Granny Maojackets, has once more taken a short respite from siphoning her breakfast Franzia box so that she can become a preelection denier.

Matt tells the story

Hillary Clinton claims that the 2024 presidential election, which will be held less than two years after “the fairest and most secure election ever,” is in danger of being stolen.

In a Twitter video, Indivisible Guide posted her warning to voters. She urges them to elect Democratic state legislatures to avoid the possibility of Republicans winning…

Hillary states in the video that while we are all focused on 2022’s midterm elections and these are important, we must also look ahead because our opponents are. “Right-wing extremists have already a plan to steal the next presidency election and they aren’t making any secret of it.

The woman, who is clinically insane, continues to complain about the Supreme Court, Electoral College and the fact that Republicans control the majority of the US state legislatures. She does this almost in one wine-fouled sigh.

They know next month will be difficult for Democrats. They are already sweating November 2024. This is evident by Hillary’s unhinged attempts to make excuses for Democratic failures which haven’t happened yet.

They will not stop trying discredit the Electoral College. They love to point out the popular vote as evidence that people would rather they were in control. However, their popular vote margins of victory all stem from California. National presidential elections will not be required if they win their favor, as the largest loons from the Left Coast will decide who gets to live at the White House.

Let’s not forget Hillary’s apparent mental illness. In the video, she has her crazy eyes again. It amazes me every day that Democrats don’t see this. Maybe they see her and are afraid of her. Every time I see her, I hear the screams coming out of her basement.

Be aware that the Wicked Witch of Chappaqua’s ranting in the video is not actually taking place. This makes me wonder why Granny is so keen to pregam the 2024 excuses.

Oh-oh, she’s running.

Hillary will turn 77 in the next presidential election. This is a pretty young age for Democrats these days. It is not unreasonable to believe she may want another chance at what was taken from her in her brain disease. It is also possible to imagine that the Democrats might support it. Their appeal to Black constituents is stronger than Mayor Pete’s.

Hillary also believes that she has the right to the presidency. It’s part of the long-term agreement she made with the devil, when she decided to let Bubba go free for his Oval Office sleazebaggery.

She isn’t so far gone that it isn’t obvious that she’ll lose again. Thus, the “ZOMG REPUBLICAN STEP !!!!!!” “Preemptive strike.”

It is possible that Hillary may be doing this because of her alcoholic night terrors.

It is obvious that she will not be leaving. I am revising my 2020 assessment. Hillary doesn’t have a chronic STD in politics.