Texas Judge Strikes Down DACA, Setting Up Supreme Court Showdown


A federal judge has ruled that Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, created in 2012 by an executive order of then-President Obama, is illegal.

On Wednesday, a federal judge in Texas ruled again that a program that shielded undocumented youth from deportation while allowing them to work legally in the United States was illegal. The court rejected a new rule introduced by the Biden Administration to address its concerns.

This decision does not affect existing applicants, but it will prevent any new applicants from applying.

The latest twist to a five-year court battle has been the decision. It leaves the program, and its beneficiaries (known as Dreamers), in limbo. The judge, while stating that the decision was a blow for immigrants, did not order an immediate termination of the program. The current applicants can keep their protection and renew it. New applications will not be accepted.

The judge stated in his 40-page decision that “there are no material differences” between the two programs. He also added that his ruling did not require the government to take “any immigration, deportation, or criminal action against DACA recipients.”

The full text of this tweet is available here:

#BREAKING A federal judge declared Biden’s program for “undocumented migrants” ILLEGAL following a legal fight with Texas and other states.

Biden has been pushing for Obama’s illegal DACA immigration policy to be codified, allowing many illegals to GET PAYED TAXPAYER DOLLARS VIA MEDICARE, AND SOCIAL SECURITIES while receiving other benefits.

According to a lawsuit filed by Texas Attorney General Ken PaxtonTX, illegal immigrants impose a cost on the state of Texas (aka TAXPAYER), of more than $25,000,000 per year. The suit also claims that these illegal immigrants impose a cost for local Texas communities of $533,000,000 each year.

Should Illegals be entitled to Social Security Payments and Free Medical Care?

Here’s the actual order:

This case could end up in front of SCOTUS.

Experts said that the government will almost certainly appeal the ruling to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and that the case would likely end up at the Supreme Court.