Biden’s Comment About Russia Leaves Lithuania’s Leader Speechless


Joe Biden, as we reported previously, is in Europe this week. He visited the U.K. first, where he encountered a few confusions with King Charles. He then had more problems in Lithuania for the NATO summit. He showed hypocrisy in spades. Biden, who had his climate czar tell a U.K. meeting that climate change was a frightening emergency, then drove a gas-guzzling motorcade of 30+ cars around Lithuania to show how serious he is about the issue.

Tuesday, however, brought even more confusion to the already beleaguered Biden. My colleague noted in her article about Biden’s U.K. trip that he was led by King Charles around Windsor Castle. In Lithuania, President Gitanas Nuseda took on a similar role at times. Watch as Nauseda has to not only tell Biden where to go and what to do but also physically move him into position.

“My signature? Biden inquires, “Just my signature?” as Nauseda instructs. He also lowered into the chair as if he were very old.

Nauseda had to teach Joe to stand on the carpet as if he were teaching a child.

Joe being Joe made a strange joke about the Lithuanian Presidential Medal of Freedom, which Nauseda had shown him.

Biden replied, “I will wear it.” Nauseda didn’t seem to be happy about the joke and I can only guess that Joe won’t get that medal anytime soon. It’s probably not the best thing to joke about an honor.

Biden, as he usually does, ignored most of the questions at his public appearances. Biden glanced at the media pool after he had met with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. He then turned around and left without answering any questions.

Even though he avoided reporters’ questions, he still said something that made people wonder if he hadn’t revealed something else he wasn’t supposed to reveal.

It didn’t take long for us to send thousands of troops when Russia invaded again. You’ll have everything you need, we’ll assure you. Today, we have the secretary of defense present. “We can send him along.”

I’m confused. What’s he saying? What is he talking about? Is he saying that we had “thousands” of troops in Ukraine? Or is he referring to Lithuania? Lithuania is only a NATO member since 2004. Did he then offer to be their secretary of defense? It’s always a challenge to understand what Joe is saying since he is Joe. This is a problem, especially on the international stage, where one careless word could have serious consequences. We saw this when he said he was cool with “a minor incursion” in Ukraine. Biden’s mistakes have already cost him a lot.

The White House will likely retract its statement. Joe “Old Yeller Biden” will likely be furious when told that they have to clarify this one.

Biden had made remarks earlier in the week that seemed to suggest that the U.S. and Ukraine were out of ammunition or low on it as an excuse for supplying Ukraine with cluster munitions. It’s not a good idea to say this when people who want us to suffer are listening.