Moms for Liberty Takes Legal Action Against Biden Administration Over Title IX Rules


The lawsuit was brought in response to legal actions taken by states and organizations.

Moms for Liberty released a press release stating, “They would continue their fight against Biden’s new Title IX Regulations.”

Title IX’s new language protects “gender identity” in schools. Students can’t describe people who do not “identify” as a certain gender with pronouns and descriptors based on their birth gender. Moms for Liberty claims the regulations prohibit students from expressing their discomfort when using the bathroom with someone of a different gender. Also, parents could be prohibited from teaching their children about gender identity as it aligns with their personal beliefs.

Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich founded Moms for Liberty.


Kimberly Hermann of the Southeastern Legal Foundation said Title IX changes by the Biden Administration “gut parental rights” and force our children to affirm that they can alter their gender. The Biden administration also threatens to punish those who speak out in the locker room or restrooms for their safety.

Title IX consists of a set of rules that are designed to protect people who identify as transgender from discrimination.

The suit reads:

Title IX’s new definition of “sex”, as imposed by the Biden Administration, forces schools to adopt an unpopular gender ideology that harms all children.


If they meet certain criteria, students who identify as women will have access to the girls’ private areas, including showers, lockers, and bathrooms. They can also join sports teams and take part in physical education classes for girls. There are contradictory reports regarding the benefits of athletic programs.

The ADF claimed that new rules would force schools to adopt “controversial ideologies of gender which harm children”.

Attorneys general from Kansas, Utah Wyoming Alaska filed a suit against the White House on Tuesday. The claim was that the White House attempted to “politicize” our educational system.