21-Year-Old TikTok Star Suddenly and Unexpectedly Dies During Early Morning Hours


Megha Thakur, a Canadian TikTok Star, was 21 years old when she “suddenly and unexpectedly” died in the early hours of Nov. 24, Yahoo Life reported. Her parents cited the post via Thakur’s Instagram account.

The message read:


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“Megha” was an independent, confident young woman. Her parents shared their thoughts in an Instagram post.

Who was Thakur,

According to The Daily Beast Thakur posted videos encouraging self-confidence and body positivity. Thakur also shared her fashion and influencer lifestyle on her TikTok account, which had over 930,000 followers as of Friday morning. Thakur’s most recent TikTok post, Nov. 18, was liked by nearly 32 million people. That same post was also posted on Thakur’s Instagram account.

Warning: Language


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You have control over your destiny. She wrote that she had just posted her TikTok message, adding the hashtags #confidenceand #selflove.

Yahoo Life reported that Thakur uploaded her first video in November 2019. She was a student at Western University in London, Ontario. In the fall of 2021, she studied computer science at Western University.

Yahoo Life reported Tuesday’s funeral in Brampton (Ontario).
I cried for her all day”

There were many expressions both of love and sadness in Thakur’s TikTok last post.

  • One user wrote “RIP. She was a role model for young people. “
  • Another commenter said that she died unexpectedly and that is why it was scarier. It would have been easier if she had a pre-existing condition. But life is too short.
  • Another user said, “I’m still stunned.” “Life is too short. Once you are gone, it’s over. Rest in peace, queen.
  • Another commenter said, “I’m in disbelief.” “I have never wept for someone I admire on social media, but I am now crying. “
  • Another user said, “I’m shocked.” I can’t believe it. “She helped me to love myself.” “I loved her.”