9 Arrested After Transgender Activists Clash With Police at Let Women Speak Event in NYC


Fox News Digital reported that nine people were arrested after far-left protesters clashed against police during Monday’s “Let Women Speak!” event in New York City. Pro-women protesters from transgender communities flocked to Manhattan’s event to protest a hateful movement.

Monday’s rally was the final stop in the four-week-long “Let Women Speak” U.S. Tour hosted by Kellie Jay Keen, a British woman’s rights advocate. This event brought together women from all over the country to discuss the dangers and consequences of leftist gender ideology.

Keen said in a video that she couldn’t attend the rally because the New York Police Department wouldn’t allow her to.

She said, “My event’s continuing without me.” “I believe this is indicative of the United States in 2022, and how they feel regarding women speaking.”

Leftist protesters shouted at the speakers, calling the women “TERFs,” which are trans-exclusionary radical feminists.

At one point, demonstrators chanted “TERFS go home!”

The NYPD can clearly be heard telling transgender activists to stop blocking traffic by dispersing in footage taken at the event. Most activists ignored the instructions and some even confronted police.

The footage shows a leftist activist ringing a bell beside a uniformed officer.

Another protestor is caught on video shouting at pro-women participants, “Imma beat your ass!”

“These hands do not discriminate. The leftist protester continued, “I will f*** you up.”

Atlas Lee-Reid was a protestor who turned out to protest the rally. He told CBS News that he was counter-protesting a group of TERFs trying to convince people that trans people have been sexually abused and that trans children are being forcibly killed.

According to the outlet, flyers were placed around the area in an effort to encourage protests against the “Let Women Speak” rally with noisemakers.

Jeanna Hoch was a pro-women activist who attended Monday’s Manhattan event. She appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, the next day, and said that it was high-energy. It wasn’t good. It was not what I expected. We were clearly threatened. Women were assaulted. Police officers were also assaulted. It’s unbelievable to me how much abuse they endure.

Hoch said, “It was upsetting to see in the newspaper the spin that it was either a legal fight or that police were being brutal against people, but that was not true at all.”

Fox News Digital reported that nine people were detained on Monday by authorities and would likely be issued summonses before being released.

Protesters used sirens and megaphones to drown out speakers at several stops on the “Let Women Speak” U.S. Tour, including Washington, D.C. last week.

The scheduled pro-women event in Tacoma, Washington was canceled by transgender activists last month. They allegedly harassed and assaulted attendees and left them with injuries.