900 U.S. Troops Rush to Middle East on ‘Prepare to Deploy’ Orders


Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder announced on Thursday that approximately 900 troops had been deployed or were in the process of being deployed in the Central Command Area in the Middle East.

Ryder stated that the troops headed to the region were on “prepare for deployment” orders and were departing from the continental U.S.

These units include the high-altitude area defense battery from Fort Bliss in Texas, Patriot batteries from Fort Sill in Oklahoma, Patriot and Avenger Batteries from Fort Liberty (North Carolina), and their associated air defense headquarters which are elements of Fort Bliss or Fort Calvados.

Ryder refused to say where Ryder’s units would be deployed but confirmed that they would not be going to Israel.

Ryder stated that the new weapons are designed to further enhance U.S. force’s protection capabilities and support regional deterrence.

Between Oct. 17th and 18th, he said that 21 servicemen received minor injuries in drone attacks on al-Asad Air Base (Iraq) and al-Tanf Garrison (Syria).

At al-Tanf, there were 17 U.S. service members who were injured, 15 of whom were diagnosed with traumatic brain injury, or TBI. Four service members were injured at al-Asad and also diagnosed with TBI.

All 21 members are back on duty.