Abbott and DeSantis’s ‘Political Stunts’ on Immigration Actually Work


In the past year, it has become common practice to send illegal immigrants into sanctuary cities, such as New York or Washington, D.C. At one time, this was a controversial decision that attracted a lot of negative press, even from supposed allies.

Both Governors Greg Abbott & Ron DeSantis experienced the backlash for transporting illegal immigrants into sanctuary jurisdictions. Some Republicans even claimed that their policies were “political stunts”, which wouldn’t have made a difference. DeSantis was even under criminal investigation.

The verdict has been delivered, and Abbott and DeSantis are vindicated.

The whole point of transporting immigrants from border towns to blue areas wasn’t to empty them of illegals. This was impossible for obvious reasons. It was meant to force Democrats to confront the problems that they had created and ultimately force them into action. New York City has been so overrun by illegal immigrants – a small number compared to Texas border town – that Mayor Eric Adams demands that the border be secured.

What a sight! Soon, Adams will be asking for funding to build the wall.

But what choice does he really have? New York City is overrun by illegal immigrants. Many are living in hotels and on the streets. And unlike previous waves, where illegal immigrants had families to reunite with, there is not enough food, shelter, or clothes. They aren’t able to integrate into the U.S. labor market and have become a burden to Adams’ government.

And to be sure, New York City is just a microcosm of a much bigger issue. The federal government is scrambling to build entire cities to house the influx of illegal immigration. Border facilities are completely swamped. The Border Patrol does not have enough manpower. It’s a disaster, and Adams has been left no other choice but to finally acknowledge it. Will Joe Biden listen to him?

It is not meant to imply that illegal immigrants should be treated with inhumanity. They are people, after all, and they are doing it because the Biden administration encouraged them. Would you want to come to Honduras if the president had an open border policy? The problem begins in Washington D.C. and hopefully ends there.