ABC News Medical Correspondent Declines to Assess Biden’s Physical Fitness: ‘I’m Not His Physician’


Jennifer Ashton, a doctor at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine, says that there were ‘glaring’ omissions in the release of Biden’s medical exam.

ABC medical correspondent will not say if Biden is physically fit for office. ‘I am not his physician’.

ABC News medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton found some obvious omissions when President Biden’s recent physical was released.

ABC News chief medical correspondent would not say on Friday’s “The View” whether she thought President Biden is physically fit for the job. She said that she was not his doctor.


In 2024, as Biden seeks to win a second term, his mental health will be scrutinized more than ever. After his annual examination this week, he was declared physically capable of running for president. Dr. Jennifer Ashton gave her opinion about the comparison between him and other 81-year-old men on an ABC talk show.

Ashton joked that as a woman aged 54, she could not handle the rigors and responsibilities of the presidency. However, the report was rife with “glaring” omissions.

She said, “We perform a system review every time we conduct a physical examination.” “That does not include just a general neurologic examination, but also a mental evaluation and a screening for mental illness or depression, mental illness. “Cognitive exam — not included.”

Ashton stated that the report was comprehensive according to Biden’s doctor, but “if you’re a health professional, you will know what has not been included.”

Joy Behar, Ashton’s co-host, said: “It looks like he could do the job.”

Ashton shrugged, saying, “I’m not his doctor, but he has a qualified physician. It was a thorough, but something is missing.”

Ashton is the chief medical correspondent at ABC News, and she also contributes to “Good Morning America.” She expressed her progressive views about abortion rights on “The View” earlier, saying that she wished for the government to stay out of the uterus.

The White House announced the results of Biden’s physical examination on Wednesday afternoon. He had taken Marine One to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for the examination.

Biden’s fitness to “successfully fulfill the duties of the Presidency” was confirmed in a press release by Dr. Kevin O’Connor.

The release stated, “President Biden, at 81 years old, is still a healthy and active male who is fit to perform the duties of Presidency including those of Chief Executive, Head Of State, and Commander In Chief.”

O’Connor, who is Biden’s gait coach, said that his gait has not deteriorated over the last year.

The White House had confirmed that Biden wouldn’t be taking a cognitive exam as part of the examination.

Karine Jean Pierre, White House Press Secretary, said: “I’m going to say what Dr. O’Connor told me about a month ago when [Biden’s medical] was released.” “The President proves himself every day in how he works and thinks by dealing with foreign leaders, making difficult decisions for the American people, whether it is domestic or national security.”