According to Latest Poll and Projection, Whitmer is on the Edge of Defeat in Michigan


Gretchen Whitmer is in danger of losing her job as Michigan Governor to Republican challenger Tudor Dixon.

According to new polling data, Whitmer and Dixon are virtually tied at 48 percent each. This continues a trend of closing gaps for Democrats in the country. RealClearPolitics says that if this trend continues, Whitmer could be ousted.

Michigan, Oregon, and Nevada would join the GOP’s top pick-ups.

Michigan News Source and Trafalgar have released the latest poll. It features 1079 results. 48.5 percent of voters support Whitmer, and 47.9 percent support Dixon. This poll shows that Whitmer is supported by nearly 55 percent of respondents, while Dixon has support from 47.9 percent. Only 37.1 percent of voters identify as Republican.

This poll, which is the latest from Trafalgar, shows a tighter race in swing states than most pollsters. However, it’s not an outlier when compared to other polls. Cygnal, a Republican-owned firm, had previously polled the state and found Whitmer to be six points ahead. However, other polls are closed and the state is facing many of the same problems as other Democrats that are hurting Whitmer’s chances in Michigan.

Voters have lost faith in the Democratic Party due to crime, inflation, and general discontent with Democrats. Detroit has one of the worst cities in controlling crime and violence. According to Monday’s national report card data, it also had some of the worst fourth- and eighth-grade math and reading scores.

These scores may have been a factor in Whitmer’s dissatisfaction. Parents in the state and across the country have been angry at the closing of schools and the exclusion of their children from school during the pandemic. Parents across the country, including Michigan, have started to look for candidates who are less likely to close schools to their children.