Adam Kinzinger Gives Incredibly Bizarre Suggestion to Ray Epps


60 Minutes broadcast an interview with Ray Epps on Sunday. It went as you would expect. Epps received softballs after softballs in an effort to dismiss his role in the January 6th incident. Those with any intellectual honesty wondered what was happening.

Rep. Thomas Massie didn’t miss the absurdity of this scene. He stated that neither the Democrats nor the media would defend anyone else who took part in the riot on January 6. Epps is still portrayed as a victim, despite his most visible and documented role in the incitement of the riot.

Adam Kinzinger, who was referring to those lacking intellectual honesty, then offered an absurd suggestion for Epps. He suggested that he sue Massie.

What the hell? If there wasn’t a grand conspiracy, what would Kinzinger have done differently? 60 Minutes can support Epps and provide political cover to the fact that he sure looks like he worked for the federal government. Former congressman who was on the ridiculous January 6th Committee, treating Epps as a beloved family member and suggesting that he sue members of Congress is quite another.

Massie then asked Kinzinger what he meant by “trusted” in his response.

What is Kinzinger trying to say? Why is he so devoted to Epps’ defense?

Nothing about this makes any sense. RedState reported this numerous times: Epps was on video on January 5th-6th telling people to attack and enter the Capitol Building. He is seen on the day of riot removing the barricade, and encouraging the crowd to enter the Capitol grounds first. I don’t know of anyone else who was so openly inciting the crowd on that day that eventually fought with police and entered the capitol grounds.

Epps was never arrested. Grandmas have been jailed (and detained before trial) for nothing more than walking around and taking photos. The guy who was on camera encouraging the attack, and later admitted to congressional members that he “orchestrated” it doesn’t get arrested. This is absurd, especially when you consider the DOJ’s tendency to charge others with sedition and conspiracy.

Kinzinger’s strange protestations and flailing in the air should make anyone watching more suspicious. Kinzinger is known to defend anyone who could be described as a member of the deep-state. It says a lot that he has become a huge fan of Epps and even taken his side against Massie. It’s time to investigate the relationship between Epps, the January 6th Committee and other people.

Let’s find out why, as I have said before. We’ve only heard vagueness and obfuscation. Kinzinger, FBI and others should have no problem explaining the situation, if it is not nefarious.