AI Tech Company Releases Robotic Chef, Says It Costs Much Less Than Human Employees


A robot that can cook and serve food autonomously has been released by an AI technology company. This could mean that fast-food workers who are looking for higher wages may soon lose their job. Forbes reported that it can be rented for less than a human employee.

Zippia reports that the average hourly wage for a fast-food worker is $11.95. New Hampshire has the highest average pay at $16.48 an hour and Illinois has the lowest at $10.19 an hour.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is pushing for an increase in minimum wage to $22 an hour to boost income for fast-food workers. Opponents of the measure argue that Newsom will only drive up business costs, which in turn will lead to higher consumer prices.

Nala Robotics offers restaurants the chance to rent Wingman, its fast-food robot, at $2,999 per monthly. This could potentially save employers 75% on their wages.

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Nala Robotics’ automated machine can fry chicken wings and fries as well as other deep-fried delights. The robot can remove frozen foods or dispensing areas and fry, season and plate the food.

According to the company, Wingman can cook multiple food items simultaneously while also seasoning them individually. It can also bread chicken, make fries and add a dry rub on chicken wings.

Nala Robotics claims it is the “world’s best fully automated restaurant” and that its products will eliminate the need to close restaurants for holiday, late night, or other social distancing reasons. Nala AI will allow owners to transform their businesses into 24-hour operations.

The company also sells an autonomous robot that can make pizzas, as well as a multi-cuisine chef robot. This robot can be customized to learn endless recipes.