Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville Reminds the Defense Department That One Determined Man Is a Majority


It is well-known that the US military has a problem with political correctness and wakefulness. Young women are permitted to enter occupations that put them and their comrades in greater risk, while doing nothing to improve combat performance. The military hierarchy has empirical data that shows that all-male units perform better than co-ed units in certain military occupational specialties. However, the three-headed monster called Diversity, Inclusion, Equity demanded that people sacrifice their lives to feel good about themselves.

Military Services Are Mired in Wokeness

Readiness works under the same rules as wakingness. A young person with braces cannot enlist as the military doesn’t guarantee access. However, a mentally disturbed individual with body-altering surgery or a history of drug abuse is permitted to access weapons and can be welcomed into the team. The service was forced to remove those who refused the COVID vaccine, which is politically motivated and ineffective. They were not allowed to return even after the policy was reversed by courts.

Lying by Senior Officers Promised

While the services once prided themselves on their integrity, the DIE demon declared that lying is acceptable as long as it supports one woke virtue. Tammy Smith, Army’s first openly gay general officer, spent most of her career in illegal situations. However, a tribute to her has been placed at Fort Belvoir’s National Museum US Army.

Brigadier General Randy Taylor, a gay Brigadier, came out as gay a few years back and presented his “husband” to the Pentagon at a “gay pride event”. He was commissioned, and served most of his career. However, he lived an illegal lifestyle under the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The pup fetish colonel is another example. There are more things I could say about The US Army: An institution that has been corrupted to the core. The Official Outrage over Tucker Carlson’s Criticism of Joe Biden’s Military Shows How Lost Our Military Is. But I will leave it at this point.

Condemnation of the Law by Secretary Austin

Untrammeled wokeness leads to open rebellion and hubris. The Department of Defense cannot allow abortions in military medical facilities. Soon after the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision that overturned Roe vs. Wade’s legal and moral travesty was delivered in June 2022 Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin announced the military would pay for travel costs of pregnant soldiers and their families to abortion-friendly states. He also promised three weeks of vacation time. In February, the policy was made final.

Austin was right to predict that a Democrat-led Senate would block any action. He was wrong about the ability of one senator to end the abortion applecart. Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville informed Austin in December that he would stop all promotions of general officers or civilian counterparts if he continued to do this loop around the law.

U.S. U.S. Senator Tommy Tuberville (Republican from Alabama) announced today that he will place a stop on future U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), civilian and general flag officers nominees, should the department decide to proceed with a planned policy shift to fund travel and pay time off for service personnel and their dependents who are seeking an abortion. After his office was briefed earlier in the week by Department of Defense officials about the policy change, Senator Tuberville made the announcement. Senator Tuberville believes that the DoD is flagrantly violating the law by covering travel expenses as well as paid time off.

Tuberville’s “hold on” senior Defense appointments leaves few options. Austin should recognize that his actions are illegal and reverse them. This doesn’t appear to be happening. Tuberville’s only objection is that the Senate must “advise” and consent to all senior Defense nominees. Chuck Schumer can bypass this, allowing debate and voting on each nominee. This would be a time investment that Tuberville simply cannot afford.

Now Secretary Austin is accusing Senator Tuberville that he damaged military readiness by making Austin follow the law.

On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated that there would be “powerful consequences” for military readiness if Senator Tommy Tuberville (R.Ala.), continues to block more than 150 Pentagon nominees in protest of an abortion policy within the Defense Department.

Austin stated to the Senate Armed Services Committee that the U.S. faces “one of most complicated times” with foreign enemies and that approving the Pentagon nominees is crucial for the force’s impact.

The defense secretary stated that “not approving the promotions recommendations actually creates ripple effects in the force that make us far less prepared than we need be.” The cumulative effects will have a negative impact on families and children going to school. It’s a strong effect that will affect our readiness.

Just in time, the Democrat media launched an attack against Tuberville.

Tuberville’s actions have no effect on national defense, truth be told. He is only causing inconvenience to a few senior officers. Austin is a DIE fighter with an entitlement mentality and believes he is above the law. We owe Senator Tuberville an debt of gratitude for reining Austin’s arrogance and reminding him that, no matter his ego, he is not above the law.