America’s Insanely Two-Tiered Justice System Encapsulated in Sentencing of Antifa Arsonist


If you’ve ever heard this before, please stop me. After doing something that was objectively worse than anyone who entered the Capitol Building on January 6, a Black Lives Matter rioter is given a light sentence.

However, this latest example might be the best. Ayoub Tabri, a man who traveled from Alexandria, VA to Philidelphia (PA) in 2020, set fire to a police car during the Black Lives Matter protests. Here is where America’s two-tiered justice system starts.

First, the government made a sweetheart agreement with Tabri. This was similar to the one they had with Antifa arsonists in the past (including those who threw Molotov cocktails toward cops). It also ensured that he would not have to serve the seven-year mandatory minimum sentence. This already showed that the DOJ was open to working with violent BLM protesters in ways it refuses to work with non-violent January 6th protesters. Many of them entered the Capitol because of confusion.

The prosecution then asked for an intermediate sentence between 37 and 46 months. But Tabri did not receive that sentence. The judge who was hearing the case only gave Tabri 364 days. This is less than one year since torching a police vehicle during a riot. Grandmas who took selfies believing they were allowed in the Capitol on January 6th got more in solitary confinement.

It gets worse when you learn the reasons for this extremely mild sentence. The official documents are posted in the following tweets. For more information, please visit this article from The Philidelphia Inquirer.

Tabri is a citizen of the United States and holds a green card through the lottery system. This is a crazy idea. What is the point of the United States granting legal entry permits to foreign nationals based on a random draw? This seems dangerous and unfair.

I digress. The defense claimed that Tabri would lose his green card if he was deported for giving him more than 364 days. Normal responses would be “so how?” But the judge accepted the reasoning and sent Tabri to prison in a manner that ensured it didn’t fall under federal law. He also made sure he could stay in the country.

This means that a violent arsonist who set fire to a police vehicle during the BLM riots was sentenced extremely lightly because of his immigrant status. A citizen of the United States has fewer rights than a felonious illegal immigrant. This is not the perfect representation of the two-tiered justice system.