Apple Threatens to Remove Twitter From Its App Store, Sets Up Major Battle


Elon Musk claims that Apple threatens to remove Twitter from its App Store. Elon Musk revealed the point of contention Monday, noting that Apple has not provided any explanation for the sudden hostility.

Recently, Twitter was bombarded with advertisements from companies that stopped their ads. This is again for reasons that aren’t immediately obvious other than the virtue signal to the right.

These attacks are similar to those that Parler, a social media company, suffered in early 2021. Amazon and other hosting companies sought to close the site’s backend following alleged use by people who were involved in the January 6th unrest. Even though Facebook was more used in this situation, evidence later showed that the social media giant did not face any backlash.

This is where you can see my point. These “concerns”, which have led to hosting companies (app stores or servers) attempting to close down social media sites, are totally fabricated. There is no standard. Twitter would have been closed long ago if there was a standard. It is a bastion of child pornography. Ironically, Musk has been cleaning up this kind of trash, and the attacks on his website have only increased. It’s not good for Apple or any advertisers who choose to boycott Twitter.

If you look back, it boils down to a fear that companies, many headed by far-left radicals have, that conservative speech may be allowed to spread freely. Apple does not believe that Twitter is more dangerous than the old regime. The opposite is true. Twitter has become safer since the accounts that promote violence and child porn were shut down. The situation is at best a wash. There should not be any sudden disapproval.

It appears that Apple is using Twitter’s threat to take it out in order for concessions on its moderation. Musk should have a good laugh at them, and I think he will. Apple may be lying, too. It’s easy for people to virtue signal when there are no stakes. But if Twitter is removed from the app store due to clearly biased reasons, there will likely be lawsuits. Is Apple really willing to do that to please a few MSNBC commentators? I have my doubts.

Apple could face legal repercussions if they go ahead with their threat. If Musk decides to create his own app store and phone, they may face competition. Is this really a fight Apple is willing to engage in when there’s no real payoff?

It’s vital to remember that this is the new battlefield. Conservatives should have backup plans, as these woke corporations won’t be going quietly. This will require more alternatives to commerce, including banking and social media. It’s a terrible thing, but it’s just the truth.