Arizona Construction Boss Charged for Alleged Assault Over Scratched Countertop


A construction company owner in Arizona is facing assault charges after a video emerged allegedly showing him slapping the woman after he claimed she scratched the counters at a work site.

A video circulated on TikTok purports to show the suspect, Brent Hospelhorn (46), walking towards the female worker at a condominium under construction in northern Phoenix.

“Leave!” “Get the f— off my building now!” Hospelhorn slaps the woman across the face after yelling at her.

“You f—— b—-,” Hospelhorn adds before walking out of the unfinished unit.

The woman who received the slap was identified as Guadalupe Solano by 12News, a mother and wife of three who works as an electrician for seven years.

According to the station, she said that the incident occurred Tuesday, over scratches on a counter, which Hospelhorn had accused her of.

The station broadcasted other footage purporting to show Hospelhorn screaming at a worker who asked him about the scratch.

How do you know this? A man can be heard at the beginning of this video saying.

“Because she was leaning up against it when I walked in here,” Hospelhorn responds, before standing up and getting into that worker’s face and yelling “Don’t you ever f—— question my a–, you understand me?”

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Owners of the complex informed 12News that Hospelhorn was fired and was removed immediately from the site after the incident was reported.

In a press release issued Tuesday night, Phoenix Police Department stated that “one of our officers responded to this call, took the report, and arrested the suspect on charges of assault.”

The statement said that “this suspect was cited instead of being detained, and charges are recommended against him.”

The police also stated that “an inaccurate narrative is spreading, which implies a lack of action by our law enforcement.” “This is false.”

Arizona court records indicate that Hospelhorn faces an assault charge as of Friday.

The Arizona Republic reported that he is the owner of a construction company called BPH Construction LLP in Scottsdale.

The newspaper claims that Solano posted the original TikTok that became viral. It has a text in Spanish saying, “Nobody can treat you this way, even if it’s the owner, simply because the cabinet is scratched.”

Solano has told 12News that she won’t be returning to the site. Hospelhorn is reportedly due in court on May 26.