Armed 39-Year-Old Arrested at University Protest: What Happened at the Anti-Israel Rally in South Florida?


The way the police handled antisemitic whackjobs on college campuses who declared their love of Hamas is why I love Florida. After using tear gas, the University of South Florida in Tampa arrested several pro-Hamas demonstrators.

Fox News reported on the fact that people posted on social networks about their intentions to bring weapons to fight security staff or faculty at universities, which raised alarms. Atah Othman was among those arrested. The 39-year-old man was found to have a firearm in his possession. If the police hadn’t intervened, Othman would likely have shot a gun if he had been allowed.

Students for a Democratic Society Tampa Chapter who organized the protest, which could have easily become a riot, threw a hissy fit about it. They posted on Facebook: “SHAME UPON USF! The USF administration allowed the abuse and brutality of community members, students, and faculty who exercised their rights to free speech and associations. We will not remain silent. ”

The fact that he has been released on bail is even more alarming.

It’s too early to draw any conclusions about Othman. However, the fact that he was armed and that others had spoken of bringing guns means that what I said yesterday could have been true. There may be pogroms in America.

Do not you believe me? Fox 7 revealed that the Travis County Police had discovered a stash of weapons, chains, mallets, and bricks after they cleared the University of Texas at Austin and arrested 80 people. Of the 45 individuals arrested, 45 did not have any affiliation with the Longhorns, their students, faculty, or staff.

The university said this was “calculated, deliberate and we believe orchestrated by those outside our university community.” Congress is investigating these protests as they are becoming more evident.

What is the source of the antisemitism frenzy that we have seen on college campuses over these past two weeks?

It’s not cheap to buy and set up fancy tents or weapons.

Did You Know That the woman at the Columbia protest, Nahla Al-Arian, was the wife of Sami Al-Arian, who was arrested in 2006 for collecting money for Palestinian Islamic Jihad?

These things will amaze you.