Arrests At The Border Jump 5% In November Alone


As illegal immigrants try to enter the United States, the Customs and Border Patrol continue to be overwhelmed by the disastrous policies of the Biden administration.

Unpublished statistics show that border arrests rose 5% to 173,600 in November. Although this headcount is not as high as the 213,000 recorded in July, it’s still a significant increase in Venezuelan nationals being arrested and ongoing unrest in Haiti and Cuba that will lead to larger numbers in the future.

It could have been worse. Many illegal immigrants trying to enter the United States are still being held accountable by Biden. Title 42 allows the government to limit immigration in times of public health emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic. Families and unaccompanied children are still permitted in. Nearly half of the arrested were sent back to their home countries or Mexico under a Pandemic Public Health Order that President Biden inherited from Trump’s administration. However, outcomes differed sharply depending on the group. The outcomes varied greatly by the group. CBP does not normally comment on unpublished data and did not respond Thursday to a request for comment.

With 63,000 being taken into custody, Mexican immigrants remain the largest group of people arrested.

Joe Biden again asks Americans to take on the responsibility of caring for foreign nationals, as their governments and the United Nations are either unwilling or unable to do so. It is reasonable to expect that the generosity of Americans will reach a point where U.S. citizens can say, “Enough! No More!”

The problem is the massive migration of people from the western hemisphere. The United States should be willing to do its fair share to solve the problem. We are. We are doing more than anyone could expect.

It’s foolish and wrong to try and solve the whole problem ourselves and then accuse us of “human rights violations”.