Babylon Bee CEO offers $20k Reward for Boston Children’s Hospital Bomb Threat Caller


Boston Children’s Hospital is proud that it has amputated a teenage girl’s penis, or removed her breasts in order to provide “transgender health care.”

A bomb threat has been made against Boston Children’s Hospital. The Washington Post accuses “Libs of TikTok” of sharing videos of leftists going insane.

The libs tell us that the would-be terrorist was a Bible-clutching, MAGA-wearing wackjob.

What if he is actually a commie girl who wants to make right-wing radicals seem dangerous?

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon was happy to donate $20,000 to help get the bomb threat caller under arrest. It was recently mentioned by Dillon in a tweet.

Police responded to a bomb threat to Boston Children’s Hospital last night.

Dillon’s Twitter rant in six parts was concluded with this offer:

The anonymous coward who made the threat must be caught and brought to justice. I am offering a $20,000 cash reward for anyone who can help me in identifying the person responsible. Send your tips to: [email protected].

Are you a Semi-Fascist, Ultra MAGA “domestic terrorist”? Are you a whining lefty looking to blame conservatives and play the victim?

There have been only 469 cases of fake hate crimes in the last few years. These were meant to make conservatives look bad.

I asked my Magic 8 ball whether the bomb threat was in response to a MAGA-hat-wearing goon. It said, “My sources don’t say so.”

Do not expect to be arrested anytime soon. It is unlikely that the FBI will find the suspect responsible for the bombings at the DNC headquarters and RNC headquarters on January 5. If conservatives were to blame they would be in federal stockades.