Balenciaga Goes Radio Silent as Campaign Around Sexualized Children Gets Blasted by the Internet


Balenciaga, a high-end fashion brand, has released photos that include children. The bears that the children hold are quite bizarre if you look closely.

One, the bears are clearly wearing bondage garb including fishnet shirts and studded leather bracelets.

It would be nice to have it as bad as it gets, but it’s not. One picture, which looks almost like a desk, has documents under it. Zoom in and you will see clearly a document from the United States case v. Williams that refers to “virtual porn.”

Balenciaga has yet to release any statements regarding the photo shoot, or what type of statement it is trying to make. However, it has received a very negative reception.

Twitter’s reaction has been absolutely devastating for the brand. Balenciaga continues to be criticized for linking children to sexualization. Balenciaga’s use of BDSM bears to pair children with them and court cases referring to child pornography is a terrible mistake.

Balenciaga pulled itself out of Twitter a week before this campaign was released. Although the brand stated that Elon Musk had taken over, many speculate that this was to avoid any heat from the media about these photos.

They may have also deleted their Instagram, further fuelling speculation that they are trying to avoid interacting with the public.

Although they have a clear theme of child sexualization, there isn’t much in the photos that suggest it. The radical left has been openly trying to normalize the introduction of children to sex and homosexuality through drag queen story hours, and “kid-friendly drag shows” that are not appropriate for children.

Maybe Balenciaga is continuing that spirit through its photoshoots, but until they reply to comments and questions we won’t be able to know for certain. This stunt will be viewed as a disaster if they continue to silence the subject.