Ben Shapiro Drops a Rap Song, Ignites Online Frenzy with Memes and Trolling Galore


Ben Shapiro and Tom McDonald have released a rap track that is shaking the charts. The podcaster delivers lyrics for around 30 seconds while sweeping camera shots punctuate this scene. The song has risen to number four in iTunes’ rap genre.

In fairness, I warned everyone that the year 2024 would be a crazy one.

Is the song really…not bad? It didn’t take much time for trolling and memes to start.

You know what, I could write a few pages on this subject. It’s good. I am not saying that I like the song because I do not like what I would consider objectively good hip-hop. It’s not my type of music but I appreciate that Shapiro poked fun at himself and the industry.

Culture drives politics, whether you like it or not. Andrew Breitbart’s famous statement from over a decade back still holds. It’s certainly a bit cringe-worthy to see Shapiro in a hoodie trying to flow. But it did get everyone’s attention. Our culture is dominated by spectacle. It would be nice to see it change. If you want to be able to influence the game, you have to participate.

It’s funny that Ben Shapiro (an Orthodox Jew, and political commentator) is currently charting higher than Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift. Will this song be number one? Find out.