Biden Administration Deceived: Chinese Spy Balloon Exposed for Withholding Critical Data


You’ve probably heard it before: the Biden administration misled Americans about a major issue of foreign policy.

A new report has revealed that the claim made by the Chinese spy balloon, which claimed it was prevented from transmitting data while flying across the United States mainland was untrue. The balloon, to everyone’s surprise, was allowed to make a connection to a domestic telecom service. This connection was used to send ‘burst transmissions’ back to China. It is unlikely that it was sending take-out orders.

According to the assessment, the balloon was connected to a U.S. company to send and receive communications, mainly related to navigation, from China. The assessment, according to officials familiar with it, found that the balloon was able to send bursts of data or large collections of data in short time frames.

Biden was then serving as the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Gen. Mark Milley. Milley has a history of defending China. He claimed that the satellite was blocked from all communications, rendering any intelligence gathered about the United States insignificant. This was not the case.

Milley’s statement, which was also repeated by other White House officials after an unsuccessful attempt to conceal the existence of the spy ball from the public, followed a failed attempt to hide its existence. The plan was to keep it a secret, but when the people on the ground spotted it, the story was reported.

The strategy then changed to claiming that the balloon had been rendered harmless and all transmissions were blocked. Milley’s claim that all transmissions were not blocked is unlikely. This would suggest that he and his administration lied to save face.

Officials from the U.S. Department of Defense and Intelligence have stated that they believe the balloon could not transmit any intelligence to China when it was flying over the U.S.

Biden would not have had to deal with this if he had shot the spy balloon while it was still flying over the Pacific Ocean. It was detected, as we reported previously, long before it made it to the U.S. mainland. Biden did not blow it up until it reached the coast of South Carolina. It was the public’s knowledge that ruined Biden’s plan to let it pass unmolested.

What can anyone believe that the Biden Administration says now? The Biden administration has been caught out in several falsehoods surrounding this incident. If they can mislead over something as simple as this, they will mislead on anything.