Biden Blames A War America Isn’t Fighting for Food Shortages


You never thought that one day, an American president would ask farmers for more production to meet food shortages.

Food shortage in America. There’s an odd disconnect between these words. They are rejected by the mind because it is absurd to think that a nation that produces enough food for 10% of the world’s population is experiencing food shortages.

Biden claims that it’s the war. To Kankakee farmers, Ill., the president declared, “Right now America is fighting on both fronts.” It’s inflation at home and rising prices abroad. It’s also helping Ukrainians to defend their democracy and feeding the hungry.

The war against Ukraine is not America’s, and America is not supporting it. That should be said in the old man’s ears. Biden is distracted by Ukraine. It would be tragic if Kyiv lost, but it wouldn’t be an existential threat to America.

However, it would jeopardize Biden’s chances of re-election.

Biden’s administration announced that it will increase the eligibility of counties for insurance for double-cropping, which is when farmers plant two crops on the same plot in an effort to reduce food shortages.

The president stated that double cropping is fraught with real dangers. “If the weather isn’t perfect, or at the very least favorable, then everything will be thrown out of whack.”

Biden said, “But it is a risk that we must take.” “That’s why I am looking into how my administration can extend crop insurance coverage to provide financial security for farmers.”

Biden’s actions are not designed to increase American food production. Biden wants to increase food supplies that can be exported to areas where there is a shortage.

Although this is an admirable instinct, I beg your pardon, Mr. President. Shouldn’t the government first take care of its citizens and then worry about starving Africans.

According to a report released late last month, food prices will rise by 22.9% this year. This is mainly due to a 40% increase in wheat prices.

Biden stated that the administration could ensure that American agricultural exports would make up the difference in Ukraine’s supplies.

Biden, who was on the Illinois farm, said that inflation is “going downward” after the Consumer Price Index data revealed that US inflation rose at a slower rate than the previous month.

Biden stated, “They’re falling.” “Got a lot more to go down.”

Biden’s delusional belief that a two-tenths of a percentage point decrease in inflation from March’s record high is equivalent to prices “going down” is not true and is an indication of his delusionality.

Biden will shift gears as the economic crisis worsens and blame “greedy” farmers for trying to make a quick buck. Biden will take responsibility for this country’s economic woes, except for himself.