Biden Continues to Spread Misinformation About Gas Prices


Everyone knows that gas prices rose since Joe Biden was elected president.

Gas prices have fallen because of our actions. They are now down $1.25 since the peak of summer. This progress must be maintained by ensuring energy companies lower the price per gallon to reflect the cost of a barrel of oil.

This claim, along with many others made by Biden, is false. In January 2021, the average national gas price was $2.31 per gallon. These prices don’t even come close to the $5 per gallon claimed by the president.

The most shocking misinformation was Biden’s claim that gasoline prices are at $3.39 per gallon. EIA data also showed that gas prices were at 3.77 per gallon on Oct. 24.

Biden and his handlers had to spend just a few seconds on EIA’s site to find this information.

His lies are still a shameful act of hypocrisy by the man who frequently criticized his predecessor for being untrue and promised the contrary. Every voter who voted for him fell for the facade, but the people who did not vote for him knew better.