Biden Descends Into Fantasyland on the Supply Chain and Football


Joe Biden’s fundamental problem? He lives in a world of illusions, where he makes up things that aren’t factually correct.

He was speaking about the economy at a Bay City computer chip manufacturing facility in Michigan. We reported that he spoke about the American Rescue Plan.

We have passed the American Rescue Plan. It’s obvious that everyone knows about it. However, because we did so much, nobody knows how it will affect them. It is just beginning to take hold. There are so many things that you will discover that we have done and that we have not been able to implement.

How could it be done if you haven’t been able “actually implement it yet”? Or is that just too logical of a question to ask? Let’s not forget that the American Rescue Plan was responsible for the inflation that we have been experiencing for over a year. Joe also claimed that grocery prices were falling, despite having the most expensive Thanksgiving in history.

He didn’t limit his fantasy world to inflation. He also spoke about the “supply chains” and asked the audience: “Ten years ago did you know what a supply chain was?”

Um, Joe? It was probably something that every adult who could think knew. It is part of everyday life. Understanding that it exists is not rocket science. We are sure you have brought it to a sharper focus by creating shortages in so many areas of the country. We never expected to experience shortages. This is not a good thing. Maybe he just didn’t realize it until he made a mistake. I think the union men in the audience, who were likely forced to attend this absurdity of an event, knew something and didn’t seem happy.

It is clear that Joe Biden brought this disaster to us all by the look on their faces.

Biden was not done with his fantasies. He claimed he could have become an “All American” had a man in the crowd blocked in front of him while he played “flanker back.”

Biden is back at it, and so is his puffery. Biden seems to be particularly obsessed with the word “All-American”. He falsely claimed that his grandfather was an All-American. Biden was not even close to being All-American. Biden played briefly in freshman football at college, but he had to leave because of poor grades.

Many people wondered what a “flanker back” was. Don’t worry if you don’t know “Biden”, it’s better for you to speak reality. The modern era of football was unknown to those who knew it after the leather helmets. Many people were puzzled by the concept of a flanker (think wide receiver). It just highlighted how old and out of touch Biden was. Biden’s role as a “flanker back,” in the fantasy football league, is somewhat like Corn Pop fighting him or him driving an 18-wheeler.