Biden Ignores Tortured Cuban Activist


Florida Senator Rick Scott wanted Joe Biden to discuss the case of Jose Daniel Ferrer (a Cuban human rights activist) who was being tortured while in jail.

Scott called last week to speak to President Biden but was told to leave a voicemail instead. He tried to reach the president again, but the other end of his line went dead on Wednesday. This was probably because the Biden aide was waiting for him.

It is not a way to make friends or influence people in Washington by hanging on to a United States senator. The Biden team might be arrogant enough to not care about the disrespect of any Republican.

Ferrer led the July street protests that weakened the Communist government. Ferrer, along with 60 other activists, went on a hunger strike to protest the lack thereof of human rights in Cuba in March. After the UNPACU headquarters was liberated by police, the hunger strike ended in April.

On October 1, he was arrested for distributing food and medication from UNPACU headquarters during a pandemic that hit the island, which was import-dependent.

Since he was taken into custody, the Communist authorities have not been kind to him.

Senator Scott asked Joe Biden to speak something to the Communists of Cuba to let them know that America and the rest of the world were paying attention and wouldn’t sit by and watch as the Cuban government executed Ferrer. Biden doesn’t listen to the calls for freedom in Cuba. He wants to reestablish relationships with the Communists after Donald Trump broke them apart.

Younger Cuban-Americans who are not from Cuba and have never been through the horrors of Castro’s Cuba will be less inclined to support travel bans and sanctions. Jose Daniel Ferrer is the future of Cuba, and they should not ignore him.