Biden Loses His Cool, Screams at Reporter Over Hunter Biden’s WhatsApp Messages


On Wednesday, President Joe Biden shouted at a journalist for asking if he was involved with his son’s commercial dealings.

The president was bombarded with questions by reporters in front of the White House before he left for Chicago to deliver a speech promoting “Bidenomics.”

“How involved were you, Mr. Biden, in the Chinese text message that your son sent?” “Were you there?” “Were you involved?” Reporter Steven Nelson asked:

Biden replied, “No I wasn’t and I don’t…”

“Were you?” Nelson continued.

Biden, who was visibly frustrated, shouted “NO!”

Biden faces increasing pressure from the media to respond to allegations that he, despite his denials of involvement, was involved in business dealings with his son. Nelson’s “shakedown message” was revealed last week.

In a WhatsApp sent in July 2017, Hunter Biden is alleged to have threatened a Chinese Businessman, Harvest Fund Management CEO Henry Zhao by using his dad as leverage. The message read:

I’m sitting with my dad and we want to know why the promise made was not kept. Tell the director I want to solve this problem now before it gets out of hand. This means tonight.

Z, if you don’t follow my instructions, you will regret it. I can hold a grudge for the rest of your life and I know the person sitting next to you and everyone he knows. I’m waiting with my dad for the phone call.

Biden’s press conference was marked by another notable but sad moment when he said that Russian President Vladimir Putin lost ground in Iraq, and not the war in Ukraine.

“Mr. President, was Putin weakened by the events in Russia?” A reporter asked this question, referring to the Wagner Group revolt.

It’s difficult to tell but it’s clear that he is losing the Iraq war. Biden replied, “He’s losing at home.”

Russia does not fight a war against Iraq.