Biden Stuns World: More Communication with Deceased World Leaders Sparks Fears


Democrats must now take Joe Biden’s problem seriously.

They have so far largely refused.

Phillips has been calling on the Democrats to take action, but they are largely attacking Biden.

This was in addition to all of his previous incidents of confusion. He had tried to speak with the late Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-IN, who had died after he issued a proclamation recognizing her death. Then last month at another event he claimed to have taken a photo with a congressman who wasn’t there. Not to mention Biden’s fantasy about Amtrak Conductor Angelo Neri.

It’s becoming more and more frightening. He’s now telling another “dead-person” story. On Monday, Biden said that he met Mitterand. Then, on Wednesday, using the same story about 2021 G7, Biden claimed to have spoken with German Chancellor Helmut Kohl. But Helmut Kohl passed away in 2017, and Biden said this at two different fundraisers.

This is what the pool report says:

The remarks were rambling and seemed to lack words. This was made at the Mandarin Oriental. Although they expected 200 people to attend, only 50 did, including Robert DeNiro.

After I was elected, I attended a G7 summit with seven heads of state from Europe. I sat and said America back. The president of France asked me – how long will you be president?

I had never considered this possibility. Then Helmut Kohl of Germany asked me what I would say if the London Times reported that 1000 people were killed in the British Parliament. On the way in.

“What would we think if you were to take office?”

It happened again at the following event. No member of his staff realized they needed to stop or correct this behavior from the previous event.

For how long? This is not a joke.

Helmut Kohl said: “Joe, what would you say if tomorrow you opened the London Times and saw that 1,000 people had stormed parliament, broken down the House of Commons doors, and killed two bobbies while trying to prevent the election of a new prime minister?

I reported previously that he could not keep straight his “one threat to existence”.

The people on X felt that it was too much, that the abuse was getting close, and that there was a danger to this country.

He’s now putting our country in danger and sending a message to other world leaders, including those who are alive (including some of our enemies), that we lack a leader capable.