Biden Trips Over Some Truths, Reveals the ‘List,’ and Wants Even More Vacation Time


Some of Joe Biden’s comments following the midterm elections were covered previously.

Biden stated that even though 75 percent believed that the country was heading in the wrong direction he did not think he had to do anything. Biden said that the problem was not in the country’s direction. Biden claimed that people didn’t understand all of his accomplishments. They just hadn’t realized how amazing he was. He said that people will find more support if they learn more about what he does.

CNN also found this answer unacceptable given the state of affairs in which Biden finds everything, particularly inflation. They knew that was offensive to people.

He doesn’t feel accountable at this point.

Biden admitted after the election that he cannot guarantee that he will “get rid” of inflation.

Biden claims that Biden now says this after having sold us a deal on the Inflation Reduction Act which doesn’t lower inflation. This was only one of many lies that Biden used before the election.

We reported that during the same presser, Biden also threatened Elon Musk by saying that he believed Musk’s acquisition “worth being investigated.” In a carefully crafted answer to a reporter’s question, Biden said this. Biden was clearly aware that such a question would be asked and appeared to be reading notes as he answered it.

It was more alarming because he responded with a thoughtful response that Musk was “worth looking into”. This was not a dumb, random Biden gaffe. After Musk suggested that Americans should vote for Republicans, they wanted us to know this. Biden threatened someone he considered a political rival.

He also shared more details about the presser. Biden said he was given a list to call and that each reporter would be asking him one question. He was “told” what he should do by the people behind the scenes who pull the strings.

This has happened before. We’ve seen this before. How many times does it happen? In the past, he’s been caught with notes. He’s still lying, gagging, and giving terrible answers, even though he has notes.

I think he meant what he said here was not in his notes.

“I just found it interesting that Biden’s being apopoapocapopacopa…Biden’s being an extremist,” he said. It’s not clear what the word was.

However, the man who took an early lid just before noon on Election Day stated that he hopes to be able to find some vacation time soon after all the hard work he’s done.

Biden laughed, “I hope Jill is able to sneak away for a few days between Christmas and Thanksgiving,”

Biden has spent more vacation time than any other person in the office in recent years. About 40% of his time spent in the office has been spent on vacation. The average American gets two weeks vacation per year, if they’re fortunate. With Bidenflation many Americans have had to stop taking that much time off, cut back and even take on two jobs in order to survive.

He should have taken all the time off and we wouldn’t be in the mess he’s made.