Biden’s DHS Signals It Wants to Criminalize Political Dissent


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced Wednesday in a National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin, that the United States remains under heightened risk. It is concerned about terrorist threats coming from people with different ideologies.

DHS warned there were “targets of potential violence” within the LGBTQI+ community, as well as “racial and religious minorities”, government facilities, personnel, and perceived ideological enemies. DHS doesn’t even consider terrorists who are proLGBTQI+, ostentatiously racist (or at least claim to be), and who support Joe Biden’s authoritarian America–Last regime.

DHS bulletin only mentions an Islamic State plot (ISIS) but the jihad terror threat remains unreported. This is a temporary amnesty that allows Afghans to be deported from the U.S. if they have been there before March. TPS is the decision of the administration declaring that Afghanistan is too chaotic to permit return nationals.

Trump’s ICE director Tom Homan stated that these criminals would likely be released in the U.S. “Under a Supreme Court decision from 2001, ICE has a maximum length for the detention of immigrants. This applies to both child molesters and rapists.

The Times reported that nearly 80.000 Afghan evacuees were evacuated under a “parole” program, which was part of the Biden administration’s airlift operation. These could be common criminals or Islamic jihadis.

Instead, we were told by some domestic violent extremists in the United States that they encouraged more violence and praised the attack on the LGBTQI+ bar at Slovakia’s October 2022. Even the attack on Paul Pelosi was mentioned as an example of right-wing extremism, which is the greatest terror threat to the country.

DHS plays political games with American citizens’ security.