Biden’s Electric Vehicle Obsession Could Lead to Another Labor Strike


Joe Biden has been a champion of blue-collar workers for many years. Just ask him.

Biden’s problem is that he and his administration ignore blue-collar employees in favor of policies that are favored by the wealthy, educated, and white elite. The United Auto Workers union seems to have taken note of this, as they now threaten to strike in protest at the Biden administration’s push for all-electric vehicles (EVs).

Biden claims that the economy is doing well, but a strike is almost certain to be disastrous. His administration has adopted “Bidenomics”, despite the fact most Americans believe the economy is not in a great place. This is one of the main reasons why his approval ratings are so low. The UAW is angry because the push to promote EVs goes against the unions. The majority of plants that manufacture the batteries for EVs do not have unions.

The status of employees in battery plants, which are often jointly owned by battery companies and automakers, is a central issue during the contract negotiations. It won’t be easy to resolve this issue, as it will require bringing battery companies, General Motors, and Ford, along with Stellantis and Stellantis, to the table.

In an interview, a senior official of the White House, who was granted anonymity in order to speak honestly about its perspective, stated that the administration has no solution for the joint venture question.

Senior administration officials stated that the issue brings a new and complicated dynamic to contract negotiations, which are normally centered around traditional economic demands, such as increased wages.

The official stated, “We fully agree that battery factory workers deserve the right to organize and bargain for jobs that provide them with the wages and protections they need for economic security and dignity.”

New leadership at the UAW insists that battery workers should be held to the same standards of safety and wages as workers in traditional plants.

Bureau of Labor Statistics statistics show that more than 200,000 workers went on strike during the past month. Biden’s administration was forced to take control of negotiations between railroads and unions of rail workers ahead of the 2022 midterms. Hollywood was brought to a halt by the Writers Guild of America’s strike. Recent threats from organized groups and delivery drivers have led to a strike.

The Biden administration is facing a number of problems, including the growing scandal surrounding Hunter Biden and the pressure of House Republicans. Having to negotiate a contract is another problem.

This is mostly due to the Biden Administration’s steadfast commitment to climate change without taking into account all of the issues associated with it. Our electric grid is not capable of handling a mass switch to electric vehicles. We must subsidize China to produce EVs because American environmentalists would protest and shut down any mines here that could provide us with the materials needed to manufacture the vehicles. The batteries used in those vehicles are now made by non-union factories.

Even with government subsidies, the majority of these vehicles are still more expensive than what the average American could afford.

The EV push has not brought much benefit to America. The Biden administration continues to push forward.