Biden’s Latest EV Mandate Spells Disaster for America


The trucking industry as we know it is gone. The American economy is no exception.

It was not by accident that Biden Environmental Protection released new rules for semi-trucks on Good Friday. The new rules will transform the way goods are transported across the country.

I think it was only two weeks ago when I told you about President Biden’s new EPA regulations, which are set to be implemented in 2027. They will force two-thirds of new car buyers, regardless of whether they like them or not, to purchase electric vehicles. It’s almost impossible.

On Good Friday News Dump, the EPA announced that semi-trucks would face similar restrictions in three years. These changes will require “fundamental transformations” which the Left loves.

NPR did not respond to industry complaints that new rules would be “unfeasible” based on the current infrastructure. “The economic and technical realities are that we will need more than just thousands of charging stations to achieve Biden’s goal of an electric fleet.

NPR reports that “zero-emission trucks are available, but they cost more than diesel vehicles.” The EPA says that despite the initial costs, fleet owners will save money in the long run by reducing their fuel and maintenance costs.

According to The Wall Street Journal, nearly all electric truck sales occur in California. Californians are forced to buy them and receive heavy subsidies.

The WSJ warns that “electric trucks need bigger and heavier batteries to carry lighter loads and avoid damaging roads.”

Think I am joking? I am not.

The labor market in this area has been “tight” for over 40 years.

The WSJ noted that “electric trucks produce more soot because of their wear and tear on roads and vehicle braking.” The Emissions Analytics group found that by 2020, tire wear emissions could be 1,000 times worse.

Test results indicate that particulate emissions from electric vehicles are not eliminated.

Do not worry, comrades. Washington is going to ban rubber tires and we will all be able to move goods with covered wagons that have wooden wheels. You’re not kidding me.

Biden’s rules will lead to long-haul trucks being able to only travel 200 miles without recharging. This will cause traffic congestion, and increase costs for all products, including iPhones and apples, to reach store shelves.

The Wall Street Journal said Biden’s “most expensive” and “fanciful rules to date were as real as heart attacks – and as deadly to the U.S. economy.