Biden’s MSNBC Interview Sparks Speculation About His Mental State


Hours after the Supreme Court issued its 6-3 ruling effectively ending race-based discrimination a.k.a. affirmative action in college admissions, President Joe Biden stepped before the cameras to explain his displeasure with the court’s decision, as we previously reported.

The remarks Biden made as he left the podium raised eyebrows. This is especially true when you take into account the lectures that he gave to the American people over the last two and a half years about the importance of not undermining “sacred institutions” but rather respecting them.

Below is Biden’s response to a CNN journalist who claimed to be a rogue court.

This is not the court you are used to:

Biden left the room at that point, and there was no chance to ask him what he meant.

He was to be interviewed by MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallis later that day. After the usual amount of gushing, ring kissing, and adoration she asked him directly what he meant when he said “Not a normal court”:

When I said that it was “not normal,” I meant this court. Take, for example, the overruling of Roe V. Wade. Take a look at the current ruling. Look at the ruling today. ”

Democrats like Joe Biden don’t agree with the court’s decisions.


Wallace then extolled the dissent of Ketanji B. Biden, Ketanji’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Jackson. Wallace said that the dissent, because of its supposed brilliance, would “one day be in history.” She then asked Biden: “How could six people be so wrong?” ”

Biden referred to the Federalist Society, claiming that their interpretations were “extreme”. He said that the court had gone “beyond that”. He said, without any evidence, that the Supreme Court of our country was “so out of sync” with the values of the American public. He then claimed, without any proof, that the vast majority of Americans disagreed with the Supreme Court decisions.

Joe Biden does not understand Americans because they have expressed their opinions on affirmative action in past polls.

Wallace then asked Biden bizarrely if he believed the court was “anti-democratic,” and a confused Biden responded that “the court’s value system is… different, its respect for institutions is… different.” It was the most ignorant comment he made in recent times, considering how often he attacked the Supreme Court for overturning Roe V. Wade.


The one thing Biden said in the back-and-forth exchange regarding the ruling that was half-sane was that he was not a fan of expanding the Supreme Court.

Biden later said that, while he believes the Justices will “do too much harm”, expanding the proposal would “politicize [the court] maybe forever in a way that is not healthful.” He then said that “some” of the justices were aware that “their legitimacy was being questioned,” without mentioning that he wanted to delegitimize the court.


At the end of this conversation, a strange thing happened. Wallace thanked Biden and the segment went on.

Yesterday I said Biden wasn’t fit to serve another period due to his declining physical and mental fitness. His comments in response to the ruling today were dangerous and undermined the credibility of the court despite his claims that the court was packed.

His “fair-weather” attitude towards our institutions has been demonstrated again, as well as his hypocrisy.

2024 can’t come soon enough.