Biden’s New Drag Queen Staffer Defended Underage Gay Prostitution


Sam Brinton is one of many questionable hires in the Biden administration. Brinton is now the Deputy Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition at the Office of Nuclear Energy. However, recent revelations have shown that he should not be employed as the local dog waste disposal man.

Brinton was praised for his “gender-fluid inclusion” in the White House. But, according to The National Pulse, he should be known more for his defense of a website that encouraged gay underage prostitution. According to the Pulse, “” was shut down in 2015 after an illegal prostitution raid that connected young male prostitutes and clients. The raid saw Jeffrey Hurant, chief executive, and six other employees arrested by the Department of Homeland Security. Indictments showed that there was negligence in age verification and called it a “gray zone”.

This was particularly egregious in Asian markets where employees were encouraged by Hurant to conceal the faces of very young prostitutes in advertisements. Hurant encouraged employees to lower standards when it came to age verification in Asia market advertising.

According to The Pulse Brinton defends the LGBTQ website Advocate where he writes that sex work is integral to the mental well-being of gay and trans young men. “…sex work has a disproportionate impact on the LGBTQ community. The rate of transgender women engaging in sex work is 10 times higher than that of nontransgender cisgender women. Much of the LGBTQ youth are involved in sex work to survive. According to a 2013 Center for the American Progress report, LGBTQ youth are three times more likely to have participated in survival sex.

Brinton stated that’s dissolution was “more dangerous than it has ever been.” He also expressed sympathy for young prostitutes, who had found a source through sex work, and had it taken away because of their “archaic views towards prostitution.”

The article begins with the statement, “The recent federal government attack on was a devastating assault upon some of the most vulnerable individuals in our community — young adults, who, for the first time ever in their lives, were able to earn a secure living safely using Rentboy after surviving homelessness and family rejection because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

“ may have broken the law,” Brinton admits that she doesn’t know. However, Brinton says, “But I do know from the frantic emails flooding my inbox, the raid on its headquarters has caused many gay, bisexual and transgender young people into turmoil as their main source income has been taken away because of irresponsible, archaic views about sex work.”

As previously reported, Brinton is a man who is very open about his kink and wishes to bring other people into it. He’s known for giving lessons about things like “electro play” and seems to have an odd fascination with bestiality as he likes to dress partners up as dogs.

We knew he was troubled, but this revelation sheds an even darker light on Brinton and the federal government in general.

It also raises other questions. Did the White House know about it before they hired him? If they didn’t, will they do something about it now that this information is getting out?