Biden’s Obsession With Hunter’s Coverage: Is He Hiding Something?


CNN pundit John Avlon stated Thursday that President Biden was “very obsessed” with the news coverage about his son Hunter’s legal troubles. He added that White House staffers are afraid to discuss the topic because they fear it might irritate him.


As this report shows, there is a deep reluctance to bring this up with President Biden, because he has stood by his only surviving son – and he will. In private, I have heard that he is obsessed with the negative media coverage of Hunter. He is concerned, and it’s an irritation.

“And that’s understandable. Avlon added that it’s not a topic his allies would like to bring up because they fear it could derail the conversation.

A source has told the outlet to avoid mentioning Hunter in strategy sessions.

CNN reported that “Hunter Biden” is not discussed in the campaign meetings. It’s not discussed.


Shane Goldmacher, a reporter for the New York Times, chimed in and noted that Biden also doesn’t want to discuss former President Donald Trump’s legal troubles. Goldmacher acknowledged that the president ignores two of the most talked about stories in the nation:

Joe Biden, the DNC, and his team do not want to discuss Trump’s indictments. His son’s investigation is also off-limits. So, Biden has basically given the order that the leader of the Democratic Party should refrain from discussing two of the hottest political issues in America.

It’s hard to have both these problems. It’s difficult to not answer any questions about the investigation of his son. It is hard not to talk about criminal charges against the former president or the likely rival.

They are not actively involved in the two biggest stories.

David Axelrod, former Obama White House advisor, said that the Biden Administration would love to see the Hunter issue disappear.

Joe Biden said that he was not happy with anything that extended the Hunter Biden case to the election year.

Hunter’s antics are unlikely to be forgotten by the media, which is bad news for Joe. The House Oversight Committee is investigating all things Hunter. Although they do not have the power to prosecute, they have found some shocking evidence that has even some Democrats worried.

Biden’s rating of approval continues to be at the bottom as each day we see more and more evidence that the president is involved in Hunter’s dubious dealings.

Joe Biden’s obsession with Hunter is not surprising, as the story keeps getting worse. David Weiss was appointed Special Counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland after Hunter’s plea agreement with the Justice Department failed. Weiss will be investigating all Hunter Biden issues. Although the move was highly controversial, the biased mainstream media had to acknowledge that the president’s previous explanations were not convincing.

Biden might want to avoid the topic, but it won’t go away any time soon.