Biden’s Whereabouts Raise More Questions About His Involvement in Hunter’s Business


Joe Biden’s handlers, since the beginning of the Wuhan pandemic in his 2020 presidential campaign have been implementing a strategy to avoid the press. They’ve tried their best to make it work in their favor, except for the many times Biden avoided them by going off-script, which seems to confirm his critics’ worst concerns about his mental state and physical fitness to be able to lead the nation.

In the past few weeks, however, they have taken this strategy to a new level, in light of the allegations made against Biden and Hunter, which include alleged bribery, corruption, and extortion at the highest levels. We learned more in part thanks to information shared by whistleblowers.

The media, which until recently had tended to ignore or bury stories about Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings and dismissed them as irrelevant, have now noticed Joe Biden’s absence. They have been asking White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre questions.

Two moments that were not reported in the press briefing on Thursday tell the whole story.

There was some curiosity in the media as to why Biden did not hold a joint news conference with Italy’s prime minister Giorgia Melons, who was visiting the White House on Thursday. One reporter noted that, traditionally, joint press conferences are held whenever the Italian Prime Minister (and other guests) visit the White House to meet the President. KJP ducked and dodged when asked about this:

“Today, Prime Minister Meloni will be in the sticks. She’ll have a presser at the Italian Embassy. It appears that the US does not want a joint news conference. Is this true? Weijia Jiang, a CBS reporter, asked: “And if that’s not true, why don’t you have one?”

Jean-Pierre replied, “I wouldn’t say that is the case.” He added, “I wasn’t part of this deliberation with our National Security Council… I haven’t asked them about how these conversations went… You would need to speak directly to the Prime Minister on the progress.”

Catherine Lucey, of the Wall Street Journal, later noted that Presidents Barack Obama & Donald Trump honored their Italian counterparts at a joint media conference. She asked: “Is there something different with this prime minister?”

Jean-Pierre insisted that there was nothing new. “Once again, when we make these bilateral visits… there is a diplomatic discussion that takes place… and then a decision’s made.”


A reporter practically begged Jean Pierre to bring Biden to the press conference room “for at least 45 minutes” to answer questions about his health. KJP’s answer? What was the answer?

Reporter: Finally, as far as questions about President Obama’s health are concerned, I believe that this would all be cleared up if we — once again — could ask him to walk out of this door and into this room for a period of 45 minutes. Please ask him again to come and visit us.

KJP: Thank you for the request. You are welcome. You know that I understand the question and so does the President. You want to ask questions to him and get him to answer them. I want to point out that this is a President who has done more than most in his first two years – two and a quarter years if you look at the economy.


Jean-Pierre, who appeared in a Delaware courthouse on the same day as Hunter Biden, was called out by media members for suggesting that Joe Biden had a “very full” schedule, despite the reality that Joe Biden literally did not have anything else scheduled that day except to receive the daily briefing.

Joe Biden is clearly trying to avoid any mention of his son, but the question remains: Why not answer a few questions if you have nothing to hide, as Biden has stated so many times before? It is only logical that, even though the people speaking on his behalf are doing him a disservice, the Biden White House is aware that, if Biden speaks on the matter, it will eliminate all doubts about his alleged involvement in his son’s affairs.