Blasio Should be Fired in NYC


Bill de Blasio is set to become unemployed within 15 days.

At least we hope so.

Protestors who were unvaxxed tried to order food from Applebee’s Queens Borough in New York City.

These anti-vax mandate peeps don’t just consist of white people wearing MAGA hats. Joy Reid, MSNBC’s Joy Reid, would have you believe.

Did she say that she was fired because she refused to get vaxxed? De Blasio said so!

A video shows an Applebee employee refusing to give a glass of water to a child.

NY Governor Kathy Hochul declared an emergency in NY because of the omicron variant. This was done before any cases were reported in the U.S.

New York Police Department, arrived to collect unruly diners from the restaurant.

De Blasio does not know that his policies and those of former Governor Cuomo have left NYC in the gutter. The anti-vaxxers must be sentenced to prison.

Anti-vaxxers have the right to space in prison. De Blasio, Cuomo let many prisoners leave over China Sneeze.

According to the NYPD, four men have been arrested for Criminal Trespass. This arrest comes after six anti-mandate scofflaws were detained at Cheesecake Factory.

New York City is a disaster.