Blue State ‘Resistance’ Hoarding Abortion Pills in Fear of Another Trump Presidency


The leftists and Democrats are preparing themselves for the possibility of former president Trump returning to the White House. Blue state governors are storing abortion pills.

The Supreme Court ruled the FDA’s regulatory approval for Mifepristone, an abortion drug, is valid. Some Democratic Party leaders are reportedly preparing for a hypothetical scenario where the Trump Administration withdraws approval and criminalizes mailing of Mifepristone across state lines.

The New York Times reported on the fact that Jay Inslee, the Democratic Governor of Washington State said he had enough Mifepristone to guarantee women’s access through a second Trump Administration. The supply was kept in a warehouse owned by Washington State. The article’s title was “The resistance against a new Trump Administration has already begun.”

The Times reports that he is not alone. He’s “one of at least five Democratic governors who stockpiled Mifepristone to protect themselves from any Trump administration which might use federal powers to prevent its distribution interstate. ” Other governors include those from California, Massachusetts and New York.

Inslee told The Times, “We have it here in Washington.” It could prevent him from stopping its distribution. It will last us for about five or six years, if we have another Trump administration.

Inslee’s aides claimed the FDA had the power to revoke the approval of the pills. In this situation, they would claim the FDA does not have the authority to limit the use of stocks already present in different states.

In the month of April, Trump said that he supported the idea of letting states and people decide what to do about abortion. Previously, he had supported a 15-week limit for abortions. The drug Mifepristone can be used up to 10 weeks. Trump has not made any comments specific regarding the pill.

Apart from the abortion pill, leftist groups are gearing themselves up to challenge Trump on a number legal issues.

Democracy Forward, a liberal resistance movement, “has developed a 15-page threat sheet covering issues like abortion, climate change, immigration and civil rights protection. The Times reports that they “have begun recruiting plaintiffs who have legal standing and are sympathetic”.

The Times reported, while leftist groups didn’t want to publicly signal a lack of confidence in Biden’s campaign. Their “angst” was intensified because Mr. Biden’s low approval ratings were accompanied by his persistent trailing Mr. Trump in polls in states that could decide the election.