Bob Woodward’s White Privilege and Interrogation of Donald Trump


Bob Woodward, a veteran journalist and associate editor at the Washington Post appeared on Tuesday on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer to discuss Woodward’s decision to release audio from previous interviews with Donald Trump in preparation for Rage 2020. Woodward’s comments revealed a lack of respect, disdain, and hyperbolic sensationalism regarding Trump’s “dangers”. This was sensationalized opinion by a skilled journalist who wanted to advance a political agenda.

Woodward and Trump discussed the famous phone call to Volodymyr Zelensky in Ukraine, which resulted in his second impeachment. His response was quite telling. He first lamented Trump’s refusal to admit any wrongdoing. This is the first time that a sitting president has done that. He then portrayed Trump as the most negative person possible. Wolf Blitzer was not able to give Trump credit for any achievements and he didn’t say anything positive about Trump’s presidency. Woodward said that Trump did everything he claimed to have done.

Every president can point to at least one positive thing they did during their term, regardless of political tribalism. Woodward’s indignation at Trump’s claim of victory was evidence of his lack of objectivity.

Woodward continued his pomposity as he claimed that he “interrogated” the 45th president at one point about Zelensky’s call.

“I spent 15 minutes interviewing him down Mar-a-Lago and he refused to give me any answers,” Woodward stated, “he would not respond to the call in plain English.”

Interrogate? Why would journalists interview former presidents? This was a pompous comment that reflected Woodward’s self-deprecating view of himself. This interview was not objective and was a hit piece. It is clear that there was no impartiality.

Journalists don’t use such antagonistic tactics on all politicians, especially Democrats. This is a sign of everything wrong with the media today. I don’t care what anyone thinks about Trump, but I do hope that Trump’s biggest critics can admit that these aggressive and biased tactics are wrong.

Woodward’s persistent portrayal of Trump as an insensitive racist and his insistence on getting him to admit that he had “white privilege” was another concerning revelation.

Trump was told by Woodward that “We’re white, privileged.” Do you feel that your privilege has made you more isolated and placed you in a cave as it did for me? I believe many white privileged people are in the same situation. We have to get out of this to understand the anger, and pain, especially black, that people feel in this country.

Consider first the arrogance that such an assertion entails.

Bob Woodward, a white man aged 79, claimed to have a deep understanding of how all people feel about the country. Woodward then tried to make “white privilege” seem like a fact and not an opinion. It is not true that “white privilege” is factual. It is a conjecture and a sociological theory of the left. However, it does not prove to be scientifically true.

Interviews with sitting presidents are not the place to try to convince them to agree with you.

Woodward can believe in it if he chooses. Some people still believe Elvis is real. His opinion does not prove to be true. Woodward tried to intimidate a former president of the United States into expressing his radical views. Woodward then chastised him for being hostile, defiant, and delusional when he refused to agree with his radical views.

This was clearly a political hit on Trump. Woodward did not stumble upon a major revelation. This was not analogous to the Watergate scandal. It was another left-wing propagandist article whose sole purpose was to tarnish Trump.

Woodward may have the right not to like Trump, as everyone does. However, it is important to recognize that this interview was an opinion. It is the same as my opinion about his comments. Bob Woodward said nothing to Wolf Blitzer about Trump’s comments on Tuesday. It was only his beliefs. Many would agree with him, but many others wouldn’t. The real threat to the country is to try to make one’s opinion a fact in left-wing media. It’s a greater danger than any Woodward attempted to assert about Trump.