Border Patrol Agents Furious Biden Admin to Punish Them Over Fake, Migrant-Whipping Incident


Agents riding on horses to stop illegal migrants from crossing the Rio Grande into Mexico were captured by Photographers.

Biden quickly concluded that agents were treating migrants as slaves and “whipping” them back across the border.

The scandal was quickly repelled and all agents were cleared.

Fox News reported Tuesday that several Border Patrol horses would be disciplined by the Department of Homeland Security for their role in debunking the “whipping” of Haitian migrants. This is despite record-breaking migrant flows at the US-Mexico border. They are furious about the decision.

Why? They are aware that they are being used by the Biden administration as scapegoats for its failed border policy.

Can you convict someone without trial? Joe. That’s not American.

It’s hard to imagine an absurder charge than “administrative violations”.

They are clearly angry. Brandon Judd, President, National Border Patrol Council Fox News Digital:

We see the executive branch using the Office of Professional Responsibility to pursue President Biden’s political enemies.

He said that punishment was pre-ordained and arranged by the second most powerful man in the world.

He said this and promised that the agents would be paid. It was obvious that investigators wanted to charge them after he convicted them without any investigation or evidence.

They had no choice.

Kevin McCarthy (House Minority Leader) was also unhappy with the move and spoke exclusively for Daily Mail:

President Biden should support border patrol agents and not make slander them. This is exactly what Biden did when he claimed that agents would be paid for making false claims about ‘whipping migrants’.

The Border Patrol’s morale has already fallen to an “all-time low”, and it is unlikely that the White House will be able to end Title 42. This harsh move by an abusive administration will only increase the trend. However, migrants continue to flood across the border.

Joe Biden’s policies regarding border issues are, like many of them, a complete failure. These officers were cleared and had not done anything wrong.

This is an obvious and straightforward abuse of power.