Brazilian President Dunks on Leonardo DiCaprio Over Environmental Criticism


Leonardo DiCaprio is a long-standing climate change hysteric in the United States. He has been pushing the topic for decades in both his public persona and in his movies.

This doesn’t mean DiCaprio is a bad actor. He’s actually been a great actor throughout his career. And unlike many left-leaning actors, most right-leaning people are able to separate professional and personal politics. This speaks volumes about each side’s emotional maturity, but I digress.

DiCaprio has been involved in an ongoing feud against Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. This figure has been causing great concern among the American left for many years. According to The Daily Wire, the dispute started back in April.

On April 28, DiCaprio tweeted a series of tweets in which he stated that “The Tapajos area of Brazil’s Para state are the targets of industrialized illegal mines.” Then he urged people to vote and tweeted, “Brazil home to the Amazon” and “other ecosystems crucial to climate change.” It matters to all of us and youth voting is crucial in driving change for a healthier planet .”…

…The day following DiCaprio’s tweets, Bolsonaro made fun of DiCaprio via Twitter and wrote, “Thanks again for your support, Leo!” It is vital that every Brazilian vote in the upcoming elections. Our people will decide whether they want to retain our sovereignty over the Amazon or be ruled out of their own accord by foreign crooks. Bravo to The Revenant.

Bolsonaro didn’t like DiCaprio’s attempt to interfere in Brazil’s election. Although I was assured that foreign inference in the electoral processes is an antithesis to democracy, that rule doesn’t seem to apply to the Left (i.e. Barack Obama’s interference in Israel It’s funny how it works.

However, Tuesday saw another dispute after DiCaprio criticized Brazil for deforestation. Bolsonaro responded quickly.

These are my thoughts. It’s okay to say that deforestation can be a problem. The Amazon ecosystem would be untouched in a perfect world. In a perfect world, all ecosystems would be pristine. We don’t live on a perfect planet. Instead, the world we live in is full of billions of people who must sustain themselves.

DiCaprio’s crusade ignores this fact, while also exposing his own hypocrisy. Poor Brazilians shouldn’t have to alter their lives when Hollywood actors won’t make the slightest sacrifices for their livelihoods. DiCaprio owns a yacht. He lives in a mansion. He owns a private plane. He makes life decisions that are more harmful to the planet than the average Brazilian trying to survive in the jungle.

Brazil is a sovereign country, so even if it thinks Brazil should change its policies, much of the Amazon Forest is within its sovereign borders. It is up to them to decide how they handle it. It’s funny how progressivism has its adherents pretending to hate colonialism, while simultaneously believing they should have global control over other countries policies. Brazil and its inhabitants don’t owe DiCaprio any debt.

If activists like DiCaprio are to be taken seriously they need to take action in their own lives. They are either too lazy to take action or don’t believe enough in their own propaganda. This is not the way to gain credibility on the international stage.