Busted Pfizer Exec Flips Out, Assaults James O’Keefe of Project Veritas


Project Veritas (PV), released a viral video of Jordan Tristan Walker, an executive at Pfizer, telling a PV reporter undercover that Pfizer was considering preemptively releasing vaccines against the COVID virus.

Angy Ngo, of “The Post Millenial”, suggested Walker had met the PV “honeypot” via the gay hookup app called “Grindr.”

James O’Keefe, the founder of PV, confronted Walker at a New York City pizza joint. It didn’t go well.

Walker is seen in the video first being defensive about his conversation with his “date” about Pfizer. He mentions those “conservatives who randomly go into organizations, as in, befriend employees of these organizations and they’ll film them.” Pfizer employees were the victims of this.

Walker says, “You better not record me or anything like that.”

O’Keefe appeared in the restaurant shortly after and approached Walker’s place at the table.

O’Keefe asks Walker a funny question: “Hey there.” O’Keefe asks Walker, “Is this seat taken?” He then sits across from him at the table.

Walker meets O’Keefe and realizes that he’s not on a third date. His face speaks volumes. He is aware he has spoken too much. I wished he was in a diaper.

He responds incredulously, “What?”

O’Keefe continued, “My question is: Do you work for Pfizer?” Why is it that Pfizer wants to conceal from the public that they are mutating COVID viruses?

Walker, clearly fearful of…something, attacked both Walker and played the victim.

“First of all, I am literally a LIAR” is Walker’s first lame attempt to cover his tracks.

“Oh, my God!” Is this real life? This is real life. Walker, clearly in a panic, responds and stands up to call the police. It gets more complicated!

James O’Keefe: “He’s clearly having one of the most absurd responses I’ve ever witnessed.”

Shocker: Walker (black) tried to play the race cards.

On the phone, he tells police that there are “one, two, three, and four white people” in the area.

Walker is becoming increasingly upset and asks O’Keefe, “Why would this be?”

The Pfizer berserker was furious, “I was literally on the third date with a man.” “And you lie to impress your date, just like normal men!”

Some of my favorite lines from Walker are:

  • “Don’t let them [PV crew] leave,” followed immediately by, “I feel unsafe”
  • “All men lie to their dates,” followed by, “how am I gonna trust someone after this?”
  • “Why are you doing this to somebody who’s just working at a company to literally help the public,” after claiming he doesn’t work for Pfizer

A Bronx Tale

PV Team tried to leave the restaurant per the request of the owner, but the doors were locked. They can’t leave now.

Walker then attacked O’Keefe and took his iPad. He then threw the device to the ground. Things get violent. O’Keefe leaves with his team after the door is opened.

Walker then stops cars on the street in a mad dash, as if the PV team is inside.

The video ends with a New York City officer stating that Walker would be arrested if O’Keefe was still alive, but he has since left.

The whole thing can be viewed here.