California Demands Parents Pay Over $675k After Children’s Fire Incident Scorches 100 Acres


Parents of children who accidentally sparked a massive fire may be forced to pay $675k to help reimburse the state of California.

The family was camping at Skyline Truck Trail in Jamul, near San Diego.

The lawsuit filed by Attorney General Rob Bonta claims that “Joy S. and Nathan S. failed to supervise one or more children who transferred the campfire onto a nearby vegetated area.”

On June 11, 2020, the fire began and in just three days it burned over 100 acres.

The lawsuit says that the parents weren’t able to put out the fire, and it subsequently “escaped their control and ignited additional vegetation within the vicinity and spread to a neighboring property.”

This wasn’t the only fire the children had allegedly started.

The lawsuit claimed that the defendants set a fire three days before the one that started the wildfire.

There were no injuries or structural damage caused by the Skyline 3 Fire.

The lawsuit claimed that parents “should have recognized the need for adequate supervision and monitoring [their] children to prevent the risk of harm that ultimately led to Skyline 3 Fire.” ”

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