California Prosecutors Fault Auto Generated, Boilerplate Language for Paul Pelosi Drug Allegation


Napa County, California, prosecutors walked back a “boilerplate” drug allegation in the DUI complaint against Paul Pelosi on Wednesday after his arraignment on a pair of misdemeanor charges in a crash that wrecked two vehicles and injured the other driver.

Pelosi was accused of hurting the other driver “while under the influence of an alcoholic beverage and a drug and under their combined influence.”

The Prosecutors now confirm that they are claiming that he drove under the influence on May 28th and not that he was taking drugs.

Pelosi’s lawyer Amanda Bevins stated Tuesday night that “she believed the drug reference in Pelosi’s complaint was part of statutory boilerplate language. ”

The Napa County District Attorney’s Office accepted Wednesday’s statement.

“She is correct,” Assistant District Attorney Paul Gero stated, “It is boilerplate language auto-generated in the complaint. Our theory is alcohol.”

Officers observed Pelosi’s 2021 Porsche severely damaged after a collision at the intersection of California Route 29 and Oakville Cross Road.

Investigators later determined that he had a .082% blood alcohol content.

Both Pelosi and the other driver, identified only as John Doe, declined medical treatment at the scene, but Doe on June 2 told Napa County prosecutors that he had begun suffering pain in his upper right arm, right shoulder, and neck the day after the crash. He also complained of headaches and said it was difficult to lift things with his right arm, according to the documents.

I wonder how much Paul and Nancy Pelosi paid to get a spin on this story. We all know Paul Pelosi was high as hell, he was drinking and on drugs or taking some kind of prescription that was not a good combination with all of the alcohol in his system. They must think that we are fools, but sorry we are not and we don’t believe any of the bull shit that they are spinning about the story. Paul should just admit the truth, but that will never happen.