Californians Are Leaning in to Proactive Self-Defense


The Left supports gun control, and there are more stories about good men with guns. They want stories of brave people who save lives, regardless of whether it is their own.

One of my colleagues once suggested that all 50 states should have “castle laws”, and that citizens could be trained in self-defense. This would reduce crime. However, California’s gun laws make it difficult for citizens of California to purchase guns for self-defense.

The liquor store owner of Norco in Riverside County did not seem to mind. Maybe he just understood his rights.

California does not stand its ground but does recognize the “castle doctrine” which applies to property. The general rule is that force used against an intruder must be proportionate to the danger reasonably feared.

He was ready to defend himself against an armed, foolish robber.


Fox News 11 LA:

The store’s owner was one of the would-be robbers. The suspect was shot in Norco by the owner of the store.

Police reported that four men driving a BMW SUV in black drove up to Norco Market & Liquor on the 2800 block of Clark Avenue.

FOX 11 obtained surveillance footage that showed a male suspect wearing a black and red sweatshirt and a ski mask entering the store. The suspect pointed a gun at his counter-handler and then fled the store. He quickly pulled out a gun from underneath the counter and fired on the suspect, who then fled the store.

Surveillance video outside of the establishment caught the second suspect in a black SUV as he fled the shop. He was also armed. They made their way back to the getaway car.

The suspects drove off after seeing the first suspect flee from the scene.

The robber thought he was a gangster and broke into the liquor store. But he opened fire according to the California Penal Code, SS198.5-199.

Deputies released a statement stating that “In this case, a lawfully-armed citizen of the community prevented violence and ensured their safety while being confronted with multiple armed suspects.”

What most cracks me up is: The idiot ran back to the getaway car with the rest of his criminal buddies who were also armed. He tried to get in the car as he screamed, “He shot my arm off!” as if he was the one who had been wronged. No, you idiot, you just effed around and found out what armed self-defense means.

The threat or lack of interest in a gunfight caused the other arm to be able to jump back into the car.

Fox 11 reported that the 80-year-old owner of the store suffered a heart attack and is now stable.

The store owner is praised by the community. Riverside County is a beautiful place. People who are conservative and 2A-honorable, but don’t take nonsense seriously–especially the criminal kind.

If Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta had their ways, you would see fewer stories of “good guys with guns” and more 7-Eleven killers. They only care about keeping guns away from law-abiding citizens so that they can channel them to the criminal groups they love.

Three suspects were taken by ambulance to a local hospital. One of them had a gunshot wound consistent with the shotgun discharge received from the store owner. The accomplice was waiting in the BMW SUV they stole.

It is impossible to make this stuff up.

Jamar Wilkins (27), Los Angeles; Justin Johnson (22) Inglewood; and Davon Broadus (24) Las Vegas were taken into custody. They remain in Robert Presley Detention Center without bail.

These unsmooth criminals may have been looking for another liquor store to rob in Los Angeles County. They can be paid in dollars, donuts, or both.

Is California now committed to rampant criminality or am I the only one? The self-defense act by this store owner elicited positive responses.