Charlamagne Tha God Gives Accurate Assessment of Democrats’ Prospects for 2024


While Democrats might have avoided total annihilation during the midterm elections they could be in for a lot more if they don’t get their act together soon. Politicians are already looking ahead to 2024, while the chattering classes are focused on two years.

The Republican Party is currently facing an identity crisis. They still have to figure out what went wrong in the midterms. After former President Donald Trump’s announcement of his candidacy for the White House, speculation has been rampant about the potential presidential candidates.

What about the Democrats? They are currently facing an identity crisis after losing the House, although by smaller margins than initially expected.

Charlamagne ThaGod, a radio talk show host, gave a very insightful assessment of the current situation of the Democratic Party during a Fox News appearance. He pointed out that the party does not have enough to be a viable candidate for the presidency in 2024. He suggested that it could not be the same as last time if President Joe Biden is the standard bearer to run against Trump.

“I believe it can go either direction.” He said, “Like, I don’t think it’s a certain thing, which is sad ?… It’s sad that [Trump] still has the lead over President Biden.” “I think it’s more indicative about what Democrats aren’t doing.” “For me, I don’t see the Democrats having the same bench.” “Personally, I don’t think they have the person who could galvanize or energize the people in 2024.” “Biden is still their best bet, which is also sad.”

He said later that the Democrats would only be saved if an unknown person comes to their aid. He stated:

“Maybe there’s someone that we aren’t even thinking about that will decide to put their hand up and, you, know, invigorate the country the same way that President Obama did.” “It could be someone we don’t think about because they aren’t in the game as long, or something else.” “But, other than that, all of the players we know, I don’t see it.”

Charlamagne was no less pessimistic about the prospects of the Democrats winning the White House, despite the possibility that Kamala Harris would be a candidate.

He said, “No, I don’t think the vice-president stands a chance against Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis unless something miraculously changes over two years, then she pivots greatly, but based upon what we have seen so far, yes.”

Charlamagne was also not attracted to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

“You know, he is part of the LGBTQ community.” “So I think that gives him an empathy lens that a lot of people may not have.” “He’ll be able to see things from many different perspectives.” “But, you know what, I don’t know if America will embrace his because of these same reasons.” The radio host commented.

Charlamagne suggested that Florida Governor. Charlamagne suggested that Ron DeSantis may have a better chance at the presidency than most people believe. He noted that “people are asleep on Ron DeSantis.”

“I cannot believe the conversations that I hear with people who say that he doesn’t think he could win the national elections. Why? Is there any way they can believe he won’t win the national election? Sorry, man. I’m from South Carolina. I am from South Carolina. The country is closer to Florida than most people think. The vast majority of America is more rural and full of conservative values than other areas. You might think you are the only one in America if you live in New York and California. It’s not the whole world. The world is more Southern- and Midwest-oriented than any other place.

The talk show host suggested that DeSantis could be in a strong position to challenge Trump during the primaries. While he believes that DeSantis might be a strong candidate for the nomination, he also said that his gut makes him believe so. However, he acknowledged that celebrities still have a significant influence on the American psyche which could work in Trump’s favor.

Charlamagne’s analysis seems to be spot on from where I am. The past year has shown that Democrats don’t have a viable candidate who can challenge Republicans for the White House in the next two years. They have a weak prospect with everyone on their bench. Charlamagne mentioned that Democrats may need an Obamaesque figure to capture the imagination of the base and galvanize them to vote.

California Governor is the only alternative. Gavin Newsom has been doing some national testing. He is the only prominent Democrat to have the charisma and political ability necessary for a win.

It doesn’t matter if it is Newsom or a newcomer, the Democrats will face a difficult task when it comes down to 2024. The Republicans might be able to profit from the weakening state of their opponents if they learn their lessons from 2022.