China Claims They’ve Been ‘Open and Transparent’ Regarding Wuhan Coronavirus Origins


Even though the World Health Organization has stated that the CCP regime is not cooperating with the COVID-19 origins investigation into their COVID-19 origins, a spokesperson for the organization says that they have been open and transparent and that the United States should not “politicize” the issue.

China “shared most data and research results regarding virus tracing” and had made significant contributions to global virus research, Mao Ning Mao, spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, told reporters during a daily briefing.

Mao stated, in response to U.S. officials’ and members of Congress’ complaints that China had not cooperated.

Which team has shared the most research and data? It was possible that it was limited in quantity but not complete. According to Richard Muller and Steven Quay, it was incomplete.

“The February 2020 paper by Shi Zhengli, a lab scientist, and his colleagues contained the virus’s partial genomic sequence. They did not mention the supercharged sequence or the rare double CGG segment. The paper’s data reveals that the fingerprint can be identified. Did it not get omitted so that no one would notice the evidence of the gain in function origin?

Some researchers were quite sharp in their criticisms of the Beijing regime at the announcement of the end of the WHO origins inquiry.

Gerald Keusch, the associate director of the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory Institute, Boston University, Massachusetts, said that the origins investigation was not well handled by the international community. China was not able to handle it. It was poorly managed by the WHO.” Keusch says that the WHO should have been persistent in building a positive working relationship between the Chinese authorities and the WHO. If it was being stonewalled it should have been open about it.

We’re going to rate Mao Ning Mao’s claim as a “Sure Jan.”