CNN Adds Another Major Failure to the Books as Jill Biden’s Primetime Special Bombs Spectacularly


CNN can’t seem win even though they bait the most ardent leftists by presenting an extravagant piece on Joe Biden’s handler.

It was easy. The plan was simple. Get some primetime CNN time and interview First Lady Jill Biden. The plan has one problem. Jill isn’t carrying water despite being shoved into everything, from Grammy presentations to sports.

Fox News reports that the ratings for Biden’s primetime appearance were far better than average:

The “CNN Primetime” special was titled “Jill Biden Abroad”. It featured an interview with CNN White House correspondent Arlette Sassez. This episode drew 43% more viewers than CNN’s average 2023 9: p.m. viewership. ET viewership.

“Jill Biden Abroad,” with 368,000 viewers, was a disappointing comparison to “Hannity”, Fox News’ 2.7 million and “The Rachel Maddow Show” on MSNBC. Both were aired in the same slot. This was CNN’s worst weekday performance since June 17, 2022 at 9 p.m., with the exceptions of Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Biden did not just lose viewers at the CNN primetime slot; she also chased away a lot of them. Fox News reported that Biden’s appearance at CNN was outwatched on TBS by reruns of shows such as “Friends” and “Gunsmoke”.

Even worse is the fact that only 84,000 people tuned in when it came down to the target audience (adults 25-54 years old). After a February that saw CNN reach new lows, 84,000 viewers tuned in to the channel. This was after the channel experienced a decline of nearly a decade.

This is bad news for CNN but even worse for the Biden administration. Jill was supposed be the friendly and admirable face for the Biden administration, even though Joe is constantly embarrassing everyone. It’s worrying that so few people are watching her speak about the administration.

Even though you may be hated, it can spark conversation and even start debates that will help strengthen your side. Fame can be as valuable, if not better than infamy. It’s far worse to not be noticed or for people to consider you too insignificant to pay attention to.