CNN Commentator Who Cried When Biden Won Now Says ‘Who Wants Him Anymore?’


Van Jones of CNN may have wept after Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential elections. He isn’t in love with Biden anymore and wonders aloud if anyone wants to see him as the next president. Recent polls have shown that Biden has a low chance of winning the 2024 election.

“If Jim Messina says that we’re bedwetters, invest in Pampers and Depends because a lot of people are terrified that Joe Biden is in real trouble and that you can’t talk about it. So that’s what’s going on,” Jones began on CNN Thursday. “Listen, Jim is right; anybody who wants to argue against Jim Messina is going to waste their time. He’s got to have the right numbers, the right data. And it may, in fact, be true that a year from now things look very different because there’s been a year of a real campaign and all this kind of stuff.”

Jones added: “But I think today that many Democrats are looking at the numbers and saying the whispers are finally showing up in the data. Joe Biden, like the grandfather you love and trust, is the one they are most worried about. You owe him much. You owe him a lot. ”

Jones nevertheless insists that Biden may have nowhere to go but up, especially as the economy improves. “I think this may be the bottom for Joe Biden,” he claimed. “He may go up as the economy improves. But right now the economy is getting better and fears about the economy are getting worse.”

This is just wishful thinking. However, I would argue that he did quite a bit of projecting as most economists are predicting a recession for the next year.

Jones may believe that the economy is improving and that it will benefit Biden. As Democrats continue to delay in recognizing that Joe Biden’s value has diminished, they will be left with less time to find an alternative.

Jones is taking a huge risk if he believes that the economy will save Biden. Be prepared for Jones to cry again on election night 2024.