CNN Airs Damning Report That Biden Did Interact With Hunter’s Business Associates


CNN broadcast Wednesday’s devastating report on President Joe Biden’s claim that he never participated in the business dealings with Hunter Biden.

Biden repeatedly denied any involvement with Hunter Biden’s business deals overseas. Biden stated that he had never spoken to his son, brother or anyone else about anything related to their businesses.

Pamela Brown (chief investigative correspondent at CNN) then dived into detail to show how this is not true.

Brown said that Joe Biden had spoken with his son’s associates despite his denials. However, CNN reviewed the laptop data and other material. It is unclear what they discussed.

For example, the Republicans mention Miguel Aleman Magnani (a Mexican businessman who was the son of Hunter’s former president). Aleman Magnani, his father and vice president Biden were photographed together at the White House in 2014. Hunter Biden later reminds Aleman Magnani about the kindnesses he did for him in an email.

“We have been discussing business deals and partnerships for seven year. Every single person I’ve ever been asked to bring has come to the F’ing White House, the vice president’s residence and the inauguration.
Further, the report showed how Hunter and his brothers, Frank, and James, used Joe Biden’s influence to broker their interests.

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CNN admitted that Biden was involved in business transactions of his family members, but the White House said it stood by his previous statements.

What’s the background?
Biden’s family business dealings with the president will be a big political story in this year’s election. House Republicans, who gained control of the House during the midterm elections have pledged to investigate the president.

James Comer, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee (R), stated that the investigation would probe whether Biden was “directly associated with Hunter Biden’s business deals.”

CNN reports that House Republicans allege that Biden “personally” participated in Hunter’s business dealings.